What is Weatherford’s General Plan? 

Weatherford’s General Plan describes the type of community today’s residents and stakeholders want to enjoy in the future.It presents the community’s vision for its future and establishes the overall principles the community will follow in making decisions that help realize that vision.Policies and criteria in the General Plan should be followed in community decisions on re-zoning and development proposals, capital projects and public programs and investments.The General Plan also lists the priorities for short-term action to implement the Plan’s policies


How was the general plan developed?

The General Plan was created through a 2-year process, which was led by a citizen Plan Advisory Committee. The committee members represented the varied interests and perspectives of the community. They were assisted by a consultant and city staff for professional expertise and support.


What is Weatherford’s Thoroughfare Plan?

A thoroughfare plan is a long-range plan that identifies the general location and type of roadway facilities that are needed to meet the demands of projected long-term growth within the community.The current Weatherford Thoroughfare Plan was adopted in 2013.


How was Weatherford’s thoroughfare Plan developed?

Weatherford has had a thoroughfare plan since 1961.The current plan was authorized by council and developed with the assistance of a professional planning consultant.The Weatherford Transportation Advisory Board hosted public input meetings and acted as the recommending body to the City Council. The final plan was adopted in 2013.


What is the Weatherford Downtown Action Plan?

The Weatherford Downtown Action Plan is a vision document that sets the goal of making the historic downtown Weatherford “a vibrant destination for locals and visitors of all ages, offering shopping, dining, living, entertainment and professional opportunities." Specific action items are established within the document that are designed to help achieve the stated vision.


How did we develop the Downtown Action Plan?

The action plan was developed through a series of public meetings with interested citizens and stakeholders in 2013 and adopted by the City Council in early 2014.


I thought the Ric Williamson Highway was supposed to solve the traffic problem downtown?

Even with the loop in place traffic levels on US 180 are projected to increase from the current 14,000 to 18,000 vehicles a day to a high of 27,000 vehicles passing through downtown in the next 20 years.


Why is this called Heritage Square?

Heritage Square is a concept developed around recapturing the original courthouse square and bringing it back to its former status as the focal point for the entire community.Heritage Square is an entire downtown that celebrates its past and embraces a vibrant livable future.


How can I be involved?

Visit for regular updates and announcements concerning Heritage Square and signup up for email updates.  Also, take some time to visit the Heritage Square forum for pictures and discussions about downtown.


Is Cherry Park being demolished?


Is Fire Station 1 being demolished?


Is City Hall being demolished?


Are roundabouts set in stone?

No decisions have been made.

What stage are we in regards to planning, implementing, etc.?

Very beginning stage. Engineering is expected to begin in early 2019. We will be meeting with citizens and interested parties throughout this next year.

Is there a timeline or a deadline when all of these decisions will be final?


Is there a second route for north side?

Weatherford is exploring options.

Will the City take any additional loans to supplement the COG grant? Will the $11.5M cover the north route completely?

There will be additional funds needed. Options to further reduce the City's portion will be explored with the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG). A tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ), very similar to the successful TIRZ along Interstate 20, could be be created to fund any out-of-pocket expenses. A TIRZ does not increase property taxes for any resident or business.